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The Houston Metropolitan Baptist Ministers Conference was established in 1993 by 32 pastors who served and ministered throughout the greater Houston area. After serveral meetings, the group elected their first President, Dr. Samuel J. Gilbert Sr. During his 21 year tenure, the organization successfully developed and supported hundreds of pastors, churches and ministries throughout the country. Houston Met has also served the community by partnering with numerous city officials to enhance the city as a whole as well as scholarshiping over 100 youth to attend college. On July 29, 2014, Dr. Samuel J. Gilbert II was installed and inaugerated as the new president. Full of energy, charisma and fresh ideas, the Conference is sure to impact many more ministries in the years to come under his capable leadership. 

Officers & Leaders

Rev. Stan Hillard

Vice President

Pastor of St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Frank Maxie

Vice President

Pastor of New Life In Christ Baptist Church

Rev. Stan Harris

Assistant to the President

Rev. Rathel Goodman, General Secretary

Rev. Clyde McCray, Assistant Secretary

Rev. Walter K. Berry, Financial Secretary/Treasurer

Rev. E.J. Ball, Chairman Of Bible Lesson

Rev. Arthur Brooks, Ass. Chair of Bible Lesson

Rev. Mose Jones, Chairman of City Wide Revival

Rev. Leroy Lacy, Co. Chairman of City Wide Revival

Rev. John Bowie, Chairman of Political Action

Rev. Mack Paul, Chairman of Lecture/Christian Ed.

Rev. J. R. Miller, Prayer Coordinator

Rev. Anthony Halley, Scholarship Chairman

Rev. Jewel London, Social Media

Our President
Dr. S. J. Gilbert II
Our Founder
Dr. S. J. Gilbert Sr.

902 West 8th Street

Houston, TX 77007

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